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StarChat provides a universal mode of communication to the social network industry.
Combining the best features of social interaction including (multiple languages, coded messages, video chats, and digital media) global audiences are united by their social interests. Multiple forms of communication are enabled to ensure users have a universal language, language barrier across the universe if no longer an issue.

StartChat connected through common interests:

  • Kinexer: A global community connecting users interested in Fitness. Global audiences can communicate with users worldwide to gather tips, receive information of local gyms and fitness regime. Travelling to a new location and want suggestions of a great gym or trainer just reach out to users of Kinexer. Connect with trainers, receive fitness tips.
  • S3Exchange: A global community connecting users interested in Finance. Global Users can discuss the stock exchange, financial news, etc. Who is going public? Are they ready? Discuss this and more on S3Exchange with users with similar financial interests.
  • CSJ Group: A global community connecting users interested in the commodities market. What is the cost up crops? What affect will the draught have on the commodities sector? Discuss this and more on the CSJ Group with analysis and user with similar interested in the commodities market.
  • JustSync: A global community connecting users interested in discussing and suggesting emerging mobile applications. JustSync application allows users to connect with the audio inputs from the entertainment systems at their local restaurants. At your local hangout watching a muted screen, login to JustSync app and listen from your smartphone.
  • CyPeers: A global community that allows business users to network with a global audience. Within CyberSpace a business executive can connect with another executive across the world, in a community where there is a universal language.

Mission & Vision Statement:
Our mission is to provide an online networking platform that facilitates people’s communication by connecting users with friends, family, fans, events, businesses and clients while offering custom icons and symbols that represent a self-encoded message.
StartChat vision is to be your social universe. Providing a stellar Lifestyle, where users can discover clusters within a global Community, orbiting their own Social Interaction creating and using their own universal language.

StartChat was developed by Isaac Daniel Group Management International (IDGMI), a recognized leader in emerging technologies.