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A picture is worth 1,000 words, So why not chat with them?

In the StartChat Community you can do just that, chat with pictures. We are an enhancement to microblogging, because we offer the quickest way to interact by using the language of pictures.

Our picture based language works with cool icons that represent a self-encoded message sent with just one click. Post short pre-set or customized messages within StartChat or simultaneously share it on Facebook & Twitter.


3 features that makes StartChat different

  1. 1. Icon Keyboard:
    You can preselect your favorite icons and set up a private customized keyboard. Each icon you select can be edited with your own encoded messages to share between you and your friends.
  2. 2. StartChat Circles:
    Create your own circles of friends. These circles allow you to chat with people you trust without the whole world seeing what you have to say.
  3. 3. StartChat Pyx:
    All about media! In StartChat Pyx you have access to a stream of pictures, videos, and gifs posted by you and your friends in one location. StartChat Pyx is powered by PhotoLenzer our secure photo management website: http://photolenzer.com/ . Here all you images are store in a private account were you can edit, share and organized your pictures as you wish.


Max’s Story:

Max was created with no mouth so he needs to use
icons to speak. Hence why Max lives in StartChat
where he creates icons for you to add your own
messages and share.

StartChat lets you make your message your own.

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